Hello world, I think all of you know what is YouTube.
Today I’d like to tell you about my favourite YouTube. Actually, I could talk all day about them, so here it is:
MarcusButlerTv – I found him like one year ago and watched some of his videos. I thought he was funny, but to be honest I was not so into YouTube and early forgot about them his existence. Like month ago and I was really bored and I’ve started to watch his existence videos again. My favourite Marcus’ video is probably ‘Things we shouldn’t do’, because it’s literally about me.
Jacksgap – In March, one girl posted their photo on facebook and I was like “Who are they? They are really cute.” but I was too lazy to search them. Another day I randomly clicked on video called ‘Twin telepathy’ and totally loved it and then I watched all of their videos in one day. My favourite video might be ‘British slang’.
PointlessBlog – As I have said, year ago I found Marcus’ channel and that’s where I saw Alfie for the first time. But I really started to watch youtubers in March and in that month I also started to subscribe their channels. (Except Marcus’ it was earlier.) My favourite Alfie’s video is definitely ’25facts about me’ and ‘Summer is a fail’ but I really love ‘Love Tag’ with Zoe, because I am Zalfie shipper. Don’t judge me, it’s just my opinion.
dicasp – This was completely random, I just clicked on his video and in a few seconds I decided to subscribe his channel. Me and my friends made presentation to Geography about South Africa (we got A) and we put his photo in it and it was quite funny because our classmates know who he is. My fav Caspar’s video is ‘Caspar Lee explores the world’ because it’s emotional, funny and great.
Sam – First Sam’s video I have ever seen was ‘Lift prank’ and it’s one of the best videos for me. I love Sam’s pranks and I also think his personality is amazing (Of course others’ too, but I had to mention this.) and his videos are funny etc.
FunForLouis – I have no clue how did it happen but I subscribe his channel and his videos are worth it. He’s super funny and you might know him as ‘FoodForLouis’ but I have never ever seen videos on that channel and I’m not sure if I want to. However, pick up my favourite video is difficult because he has so many vlogs and they’re all so cool. But my favourite are probably vlogs from UK Roadtrip and Florida.
zoella280390 – I saw her and Joe in video ‘My sister does my make-up’ and I loved it. I love her collabs videos but my favourites are ‘Huge Florida haul’, ’50facts about me’ and ‘Room Tour’. She’s really amazing and I also read her blog. As many people I thouhgt Zoella is her real name.

Ok that’s all for today, I’ve spent a lot of time on this and I have more fav youtubers, like Danisnotonfire, Tanya Burr, Tyler Oakley etc but now it’s late here and I’m too lazy to write about more of them Maybe next time.:)
Yep thats it. Byeee!


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